Personal Ionic Air Purifier HF 86

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The personal, portable, lightweight HF 86 ionic air purifier is worn around the neck delivering clean, fresh air to the mouth and nose. This is the ideal travel companion for air travelers and operates on 2 AAA batteries (not included). The total weight of the unit is just 55 grams making it truly portable.

Operating Instructions

The HF 86 Personal Ionic Air Purifier is worn around the neck. It uses plasma breeze technology to deliver ion rich air to your mouth and nose, providing you with clean and healthy air wherever and whenever you go.

Hanger strap may be adjusted to suitable length as required. It's elegantly designed and compact and weighs just 55 grams (0.12 lbs) which makes it really portable.

  • Provides clean and healthy air wherever you go
  • Light weight, compact and easy to carry
  • DC powered – use it anywhere you go!

The unit is operated through DC power source.

  • Push open the cover of batteries compartment at the back of the unit and install 2 AAA batteries according to the positive (+) and negative (-) signs on the cover. Then close the cover and make sure the compartment is locked.
  • Press the POWER button on front of unit. The Green indicator light indicates
    the unit is operating.
  • The auto-shut off timer inside the unit will make the unit to stop working in 30
    minutes after it's turned on.
  • If you want to stop the unit in midway, simply press the power button once.
  • Please adjust the strap to suitable length for the unit to be hung 7.87" (20 cm) under your mouth and nose.
  • Rated voltage = DC 3V, 2 AAA batteries (Not included)
  • Power consumption = 0.5 W
  • Ion output Max. = 10,000/cm³
  • Active oxygen output approx. = 0.015 – 0.03 ppm
  • Dimensions = 3.62" (H) x 1.93" (W) x 1.14" (L)
    9.20 cm (H) x 4.90 cm (W) x 2.90 cm (L)
  • Weight = 0.12 lb (55 g)
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