Handheld Vitamin C Cartridges (3 in 1)- Jasmine for HF507

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handheld-vitamin-c-cartridges- Jasmine

Aroma Sense vitamin C replacement filter cartridges consist of concentrated natural aroma oil-enhancing your shower experience with a jasmine aromatherapy to stimulate relaxation & alleviate stress. Each filter cartridge should be replaced within 45 days depending on usage.

Why Choose Jasmine?

Jasmine oil provides relief from coughs by helping clear out phlegm in respiratory tracts and can help eliminate snoring. It can assist in skin care by treating dry, brittle and dehydrated skin. In aromatherapy, Jasmine has a great reputation for putting people in the mood for love and is known to enhance your libido and feelings of sexual desire. It calms down the body, mind and soul which encourages positive and constructive emotions.

  • Chlorine Removal: Eliminates chlorine from unfiltered water

  • Vitamin C Replenishment: ElContains Vitamin C concentrate that promotes healthier hair & skin

  • Aromatherapy Effect: Natural aroma oils provides an uplifting scent which enhances relaxation and alleviates stress

  • Ingredients: Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Distilled Water, Natural Aroma Oil, Dextrin, Pectin, Arabic Gum

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