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Heaven Fresh Aqua Charger AK-900 Water Ioniser & Purification System

World pioneer of ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) value control system Large LCD display of ORP and PH value Unique design of constant ORP output and automatic adjustment Super large scale and calcium magnesium bundle protection of electrodes over 800 sq. cm. Automatic indicator on filter life status and water flow liters/min High efficiency unit with low power consumption Overload protection and cooling system Patented electrodes always keep the ORP value between -250 ~ -400MV Automatic electrolysis mode to fit with any kind of clean water supply anywhere Module design, self cleaning mode, high reliability, easy installation & maintenance.

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Heaven Fresh Aqua Charger AK-900 Water Ioniser & Purification System

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  • Info on Heaven Fresh Aqua Charger Countertop Water Purifier - Ionizer - Alkalizer
  • Functuions of the water ionizer
  • The History of this Revolutionary Water Ionizer
  • Why Alkaline Water?
  • What is pH anyway?

Surely, the objective of every person alive on this planet is for a Healthy, Long Life, Vitality, Well Being, Vibrancy, remaining Beautiful, and to certainly slow down the effect of the chemistry behind aging!

In the Orient this water is known as 'Anti Aging' water, simply because this energized water has the ability to aid in the supply of oxygen and nutrients to trillions of body cells, as also the ability to flush out waste and toxins produced at the cellular level in the respiration process, which involves oxidation, to produce Life and Energy.

Introducing these optimum conditions, it thereby makes it possible to also maintain optimum cell hydration, which retards the 'dying' process of body cells, the process which also causes 'aging', wrinkling of the skin, etc.

What Sensor Technology Does for You? Answer: Simply by reducing the size of water clusters at the molecular level, which then allows this water to flow throughout the body 50% faster, making for rapid transportation of nutrients to all body cells, optimum hydration of all body cells, and rapid removal of wastes produced in the body. Definition of aging defined as follows: "failure to remove the gradual accumulation of body waste and toxins" We age prematurely, simply because we fail to keep our body alkaline and our organs flushed of acid, waste, etc! Alkaline-Electron-Ion-Energized Water offers a most effective solution worthy of serious consideration!

Info on Heaven Fresh Aqua Charger Countertop Water Purifier - Ionizer - Alkalizer

  • World pioneer of ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) value control system
  • Large LCD display of ORP and PH value
  • Unique design of constant ORP output and automatic adjustment
  • Super large scale and calcium magnesium bundle protection of electrodes over 800 sq. cm.
  • Automatic indicator on filter life status and water flow liters/min
  • High efficiency unit with low power consumption
  • Overload protection and cooling system
  • Patented electrodes always keep the ORP value between -250 ~ -400MV
  • Automatic electrolysis mode to fit with any kind of clean water supply anywhere
  • Module design, self cleaning mode, high reliability, easy installation & maintenance.

Functions of the water ionizer

City type water and well water City supplied tap water contains an ample supply of acid minerals and alkaline minerals. If this water is too acidic, it will leach out lead from soldered pipe joints. Lead is a poisonous very toxic metal. So therefore limestone (carbonate of calcium) is added to make it alkaline (neutral). In general, city supplied tap water contains more alkaline minerals than the water from most private wells.

Minerals in the tap water The common alkaline minerals found in tap water are calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. The most common acidic type minerals are chlorine, sulphur and phosphorus. They are the same minerals found in our foods. Water receives its minerals from the soil, the same root source of all our food. Therefore, it is not surprising that these same inorganic (elemental) minerals are found in water.
However, elemental type minerals are of no benefit to our body, because the human body requires minerals in refined (ionic) form,such as is derived via plant or animal sources. Plants process elemental minerals into ionic type minerals, and all these various plant species are then in turn consumed by humans or animals, or both - the key word to remember is 'ionic mineral'.
A water ionizer has two water chambers, one with positive electrode, the other a negative electrode. The negative electrode attracts positive minerals, which are alkaline minerals, to its chamber, while the positive electrode attracts negative minerals, which are acidic minerals, to its chamber. The water going into the water ionizer has both minerals mixed together, but by the time the ionization process is completed, one chamber has nothing but alkaline range minerals and the other chamber, only acidic type minerals.

Ionization The two chambers are separated by a special membrane with very tiny holes, holes so small that water molecules (usually in structured clusters under an electric field) cannot go through, but large enough for the ionized inorganic minerals to go through.
The original units had two one gallon chambers and it took about 15 to 20 minutes to completely ionize the water. Current units don't have two large water storage chambers, but they have two small compartments for the water to flow through. Ionization takes place as water is flowing through the ionizer. Heaven Fresh Aqua Charger units also come with a charcoal filter to remove pollutants before the ionization process occurs.
In other words, you turn on the water and push the switch, and instantly you get a stream of alkaline water from the top, and another stream of acid water from the bottom. The ionizer does not add any chemicals or minerals to the water. It only separates the minerals already in the water to the alkaline side, or to the acidic side. If water has no minerals, an ionizer cannot make alkaline or acidic water.

What is the difference with R/O, distilled, or any other filtered waters?

Electrolysed reduced water is antioxidant water, and it's very beneficial to your health because it is rich in free electrons and electrolytes. Other forms of filtration remove various chemicals and/ or minerals from the water, but it is still in an oxidized (Positive ORP) state.

The History of this Revolutionary Water Ionizer

The water ionizing system was first introduced in Japan some 30 years ago. In some parts of the world, the average person lives to be over 100 years old and remains in excellent overall health. This is a result of consuming alkalized water. The Water ionizer was created to emulate the natural condition of water in an icy stream, rolling from a mountain top. Water in this pristine state is the alkaline ionized water, which offers beneficial internal pH balance for overall better health and well being.

Why Alkaline Water?

Scientists in Japan and throughout Asia are continuously studying, researching and testing the effects of alkaline water on the human body. It has been found that alkaline water neutralizes the acidity produced internally as a result of daily stress, poor diet and excessive exercise. Since most of the foods we eat create acid waste, it is important to drink alkaline water in order to maintain a healthier, balanced life. Not only does drinking alkaline water as part of a regular daily regimen, aid in cleansing the body of acidic waste, but scientists have found that this water has a positive effect upon the health of patients suffering from severe illness.
As an added benefit, alkaline water is also an antioxidant. Healthy cells are often attacked by destructive free radicals. These free radicals cause cells to break down. Helpful substances, known as antioxidants, protect cells from free radicals. Alkaline ionized water goes one step further. It actually converts free radicals before they have a chance to damage healthy cells. Alkaline water seeks out free radicals and converts them into necessary oxygen which your body can use.

What is pH anyway?

We have all heard of acid and base from our science classes. Simply put, acidic elements have a pH below 7, while base (alkaline) products have a pH higher than 7. A neutral pH is 7.
Internal neutral pH is the key to balance. The goal of the human body is to reach and maintain a state of equilibrium (a neutral pH). Due to the fact that a majority of the foods and drinks we take in are acidic, our bodies are constantly working to neutralize their environment with alkaline forming elements.


  • World pioneer of ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) value control system
  • Large LCD display of ORP and PH value
  • Unique design of constant ORP output and automatic adjustment
  • Super large scale and calcium magnesium bundle protection of electrodes over 800 sq. cm.
  • Automatic indicator on filter life status and water flow liters/min
  • High efficiency unit with low power consumption
  • Overload protection and cooling system
  • Patented electrodes always keep the ORP value between -250 ~ -400MV
  • Automatic electrolysis mode to fit with any kind of clean water supply anywhere
  • Module design, self cleaning mode, high reliability, easy installation & maintenance.


  • Point of use = Counter-Top unit
  • ORP Range = 400 Negative (-) ~ 680 Positive (+) Milli Volts (MV)
  • pH Levels = Max. pH 10
  • Electrode Surface = 800 cm2 Electrodes are made of high quality platinum coated titanium.
  • Filter Life = Approx. 12,000L
  • Standard Filter = 3 Stage & 1 Micron filter
  • Input Voltage = AC-110 Volts
  • Power Consumption = 100 ~ 200 Watts
  • Input Water Pressure = 20~70 psi
  • Input Water Temperature = 5oC~35oC (40oF to 95oF)
  • Output Flow = Max. 4 Liters/min (9 Gallons/min)
  • Water Outlets = Top flexible stainless steel nozzle
  • Cleaning System = Auto
  • Weight = 6.5 lbs
  • Dimensions = 12.4" H x 10.8"W x 5.5"D


Water Ionizer Benefits

  • What is alkaline water?
  • What about Minerals?
  • An important benefit
  • Why Should i buy a Water Ionizer?
  • Why Should You Have a Water Ionizer?


Alkaline water is produced through electrolysis, a process that separates the acid from the alkaline minerals. When consumed, alkaline water serves to neutralize and flush out acidic body wastes that have accumulated as a result of metabolism, age, diet, carbonated beverages, coffee, stress, and pollution, etc. These factors combined are directly associated with the chemistry known as 'aging'. Simply by keeping body wastes and toxins flushed out and body cells hydrated with our 'electronic' water we can effect 'anti-aging'. Alkaline bodies, being charged up optimum oxygen supply and with electrons will exhibit vitality and amazing disease resistance.
As a result of this electrolysis process, Heaven Fresh Aqua Charger Water will have a Negative Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP), or an affinity for the free radicals that attack healthy cell tissue. Imagine not having to rely solely on supplemental antioxidants, since our Heaven Fresh Aqua Charger Water will contain an abundant amount of electrons, the antioxidant energy which neutralizes disease causing free radicals.
The hexagonal molecular structure resulting from electrolysis is what makes Heaven Fresh Aqua Charger Water wetter than tap or bottled water. These smaller "hexagons" of water molecules are half as large as the molecular chains that come out of the faucet, and permeate cellular membranes much quicker, by as much as 50%, so that Heaven Fresh Aqua Charger Water is more hydrating and quicker to refresh after strenuous exercise.
Using alkaline water to reconstitute your juices from concentrates will result in a sweeter taste with less bite simply because the acids are neutralized. The same will hold true for coffee and teas made from Heaven Fresh Aqua Charger Water. Vegetables will retain a natural texture and color,rice and rolled oats will be fluffier after being boiled in water from your Heaven Fresh Aqua Charger Water Purifier/Ionizer.


The Heaven Fresh Aqua Charger rearranges the healthy minerals that are native to your tap water, according to their electrical charge. This is done through electrolysis. The negative or alkaline minerals are drawn to the positive electrode, and the positive or acidic minerals are attracted to the negative electrode within this chamber. As a result, alkaline ionized water from our Heaven Fresh Aqua Charger ionizer retains all the essential calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium minerals, all in ionic form, which is the ultimate and most beneficial form of minerals.
The pH test kit supplied with the Heaven Fresh Aqua Charger dramatically demonstrates the effects of electrolysis.

An important benefit:

Increased Oxygen supply in Heaven Fresh Aqua Charger alkaline ionized water! Alkaline ionized water also contains 'free oxygen', beside the 2 to 1 ratio of regular H2O: 2 Hydrogen atoms + 1 Oxygen atom = H2O. Key to a healthy disease resistant body is to keep acids flushed out and oxygen supply at optimum level. THIS is what makes water produced by our Heaven Fresh Aqua Charger water ionizer system totally distinct from all other kinds of water, simply because all other water carries a Positive ORP, while Heaven Fresh Aqua Charger produces Negative ORP energized water, which protects your health. This ORP (mV/milliVolt) energy can be measured readily with an ORP/mV meter.


Imagine having the ability to take normal tap water and turn it into a powerful antioxidant water charged up with a NEGATIVE ORP, which retards the aging process. Put simply, a high or positive ORP causes oxidation at the cellular level, which accelerates aging.
The negative ORP of Ionized Water effectively retards the aging process by counteracting positive ORP. Ionized Water essentially renews us at a cellular level. This is as close as we can ever hope to get to the 'Fountain of Youth', as incredible as that may sound, but always keep in mind, Life is a process of Chemistry, and since the human body is app. two thirds (2/3) water, we can therefore obtain amazing results with Heaven Fresh Aqua Charger alkaline ionized water charged up with high level electron energy.
For instance, real fresh squeezed orange juice has a negative ORP of -250. Although we can only drink a few glasses of fresh orange juice in a day, we can drink as much Ionized Water as we wish to a day. Many people in the Orient drink as much two gallons of ionized water per day. People in the Western world are now beginning to understand the many benefits obtained from drinking lots of water.
The trillions of body cells require 'structured' water in order to remain properly hydrated. Sodium is the element that controls the equilibrium of water surrounding body cells. Therefore sodium intake is very important: Use mineral rich sea salt only, NOT refined salt!
When facial skin dehydrates it becomes 'wrinkly', which is not a sign of aging, but neglect to keep the body hydrated with plenty of water!

Ionized water is a powerful antioxidant
The other Antioxidant quality of Ionized Water is hydroxyl ions. These are oxygen molecules with an extra electron attached to them as are all antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E. Hydroxyl ions scavenge for 'free radicals', which are nothing but unstable oxygen molecules that cause oxidation damage to healthy body cells, causing them to 'age' prematurely. Once the hydroxyl antioxidant and free radical have cancelled (neutralized) each other, the result is that the body is provided with lots of oxygen and therefore lots of energy. Oxygen is one of the most exhausted nutrients in our body because of diets that feature highly processed foods, and the Earth's oxygen-depleted environment today. In most congested cities the oxygen level often reads 12-14%, due to industry, automobiles, people, all of which require oxygen supply in order to function. (normal level is 21%) In the city environment millions of people compete with millions of automotive engines for oxygen supply. The statement "in the presence of Oxygen disease cannot exist" is a 100% Truth backed up by science and biology. We know that Oxygen destroys cancer cells as well as bacteria and viruses invading the body. Cancer and disease cannot develop in a well oxygenated environment, simply because all of these anaerobic 'energies' require an anaerobic environment to develop and thrive in. Cancer is nothing but a destructive anaerobic rot, further aided by viruses, moulds and bacteria, ALL of which are always attracted to and thrive in an Oxygen deficient environment. If this is so, then WHY, O Why, does the vast and diverse 'healthcare' industry focus 100% on treating/researching anaerobic diseases, instead of simply focussing on accelerating the Aerobic Life Force.
Oxygen helps carry away acidic waste from body cellular tissue.
Oxygen is Most Vital to aerobic human health, perhaps our most important nutrient, but surely, the # 1 MOST NEGLECTED Nutrient!
A big glass of Alkaline Ionized Water first thing in the morning, before breakfast, is a perfect natural which helps you to wake up "with a Bang!", because it primes the digestive system for action. Aerobic digestive flora thrives on this sudden burst of energized water!
To get the full benefit of negatively charged, oxygen rich, Ionized water, it must be consumed fresh and strong, right out of the tap.
Slow down the flow to the Heaven Fresh Aqua Charger Water Ionizer and the glass you fill will have thousands of tiny bubbles in it. These are the hydroxyl ions, which is the antioxidant energy, and the reason for the Negative ORP. The ORP energy is the most fragile aspect of Ionized Water, lasting only a maximum of 18-24 hours, because this electrical energy readily dissipates from ionized water.

Ionized water is also alkaline water, normally with a pH of 8.5 best suited for drinking. Ionized Water helps balance body pH, which tends to be (very) acidic because of a diet comprised of cooked foods, pasteurized or otherwise processed foods, fast foods, snacks, etc. Soft drinks are the most acid substance (pH 2.5) a person can put into their body.
This acidic condition creates an ideal environment in our body for disease to thrive.
For example, accumulated acid waste in the joints encourages inflammation and arthritis.
Because Ionized water is very Alkaline, it can therefore dissolve accumulated acid waste and return the body to a correct balance. Keeping ourselves Alkaline is the first line of defence in fighting any disease.
Ionized water is also more than three times more hydrating than conventional chlorinated water.
Water is one of the most important element in the body, which is app. 80% water. Ionized Water is fundamentally different from conventional water. This is because the size and shape of the water molecule cluster has reduced in size and change in shape to hexagonal, which allows the water cluster to pass through our tissue more easily. One of the primary causes of disease is chronic cellular dehydration, a condition which leaves the body's cells in a perpetual state of weakness and defence. This is one of the major causes of chronic disease is providing the body with insufficient water. We simply do not drink enough water (at least half our weight in ounces) to keep ourselves properly hydrated and therefore healthy.

Ionized water is extremely detoxifying. This is also because of the reduced size and shape of the water molecule clusters. Once reduced, these water clusters pass through the body's tissue much easier and push out toxins and acid waste quite effectively. Water Ionizers have several levels of strength so people who are toxic can begin by drinking mild Ionized Water, slowly drinking it stronger as they acclimate to it.

Minerals that are Ionized are more Bio-available This means that the body can absorb them much more efficiently and make use of them where they are needed throughout the body. Water soluble trace minerals of any kind can be added to your water source through the filter on the Heaven Fresh Aqua Charger Water Ionizer. Minerals are some of the most important nutrients the body needs, yet mineral deficiency is common. Ionized Water is an efficient and effective way for the body to get its minerals.

Ionized Water improves the taste of food
Ionized Water hydrates food better, helps bring out its flavor, lowers acid levels of any food including coffee, tea & juice. It ionizes the minerals in the food which helps make them bio-available.

What is an Heaven Fresh Aqua Charger Water Ionizer, or Micro Water Machine?
It's a water electrolysis machine with a built in high performance filter cartridge. It produces high pH alkaline antioxidant drinking and cooking water, which has the pH value in the 8-10 range. The acid water from the machine has the pH value in 3.5-6 ranges. There are two hoses attached to the Water Ionizer Machine. The tab water is electrolysed and divided into alkaline minerals concentrated and acid water. This machine can handle flow rates up to 1.2 gallons per minute and produces about 0.7 gallons of alkaline water per minute. All the functions of the water fountain are controlled by an on-board microprocessor based controller that allows push button adjustment of electrolysis in 5 levels. The microprocessor also controls the automatic self-cleaning of the electrolytic cell.

What are the benefits of electrolysed antioxidant alkaline water?

  • Quick Supply of Instant Action Antioxidant Energy
  • Helps balance body pH toward desired alkalinity
  • Helps reduce and neutralize disease attracting acidity
  • Healthy for intestinal tract, promotes aerobic flora

The electrolysis process not only gains an excess amount of electrons, but also reduces the cluster of molecules in size from 11-13, which is the size of ordinary tap water to 5-7, which is half that size. Due to its smaller clusters with lower molecular weight, Antioxidant Alkaline Water is rapidly moving and readily absorbed by the body system. It is able to better deliver nutrients to all the cells, tissues, and organs and accelerates metabolism with increased elimination of acidic waster from the body.
Antioxidant Alkaline water neutralizes acidity, thus helping the body to naturally rid itself of acidic waste products in human body. Human blood has a pH value ranging from 7.3 to 7.45. 97% of the food we eat will produce high levels of acid in the body. These acids, if not neutralized cause inflammation, free radicals, and kill healthy cells by stealing oxygen. Alkaline water and food will not only dissolve these harmful acids but will help remove them from the body by allowing them to pass safely through the kidneys. If we keep our body in an alkaline state it will allow us to eat the foods necessary to maintain good health while dissolving the harmful acids which need to pass through our kidney, and not be stored in our joints and organs.

Why Should You Have a Water Ionizer?

Unfortunately, many of us don't consume enough alkaline producing substances. Our modern lifestyle and diet make it increasingly difficult to maintain the equilibrium the body seeks. Poor diet, stress, pollution and lack of proper rest all increase the amount of internal acid. In some instances, the body becomes so acidic that it will take calcium (an alkaline-forming element) from our bones and use it to maintain proper pH in the body.
Obviously, our bodies need the calcium to protect us from osteoporosis. Therefore, it is important to help the body achieve the balance it needs by including alkaline producing items in the diet. Ionized water is an excellent and convenient way to add alkaline to your diet. This water ionizer produces all the alkaline water your body requires to enhance internal pH and increases overall health.
Imagine drinking water from a natural stream in the comforts of your own home. Water that has not been altered by the modern world – pure, delicious and satisfying – can now be yours with this Water Ionizer.
Health indications for drinking ALKALINE water: (following are symptoms associated with bodies in acidic mode)

  • High blood pressure, Cholesterol, Heart Disease
  • Muscle aches after exercise
  • Morning sickness
  • Diabetes
  • Hangovers (alcohol is acidic!)
  • Uric acid stones
  • Osteoporosis
  • Water retention
  • Body odour
  • Constipation
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Induces faster healing
  • Hyper-acidity
  • Obesity
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Diarrhoea
  • Common colds
  • Migraines
All diseases reside in the acidic/positive range on the pH scale.

Ionized Water

  • What exactly is Ionized Water?
  • How does the Water Ionizer produce ionized water?
  • Why should I drink Ionized Water?
  • How does Ionized Water taste compared with conventional water?
  • How Long does Ionized Water stay Ionized?
  • How should I start drinking it?
  • Can it be used commercially?
  • How does Ionized Water effect athletes?

What exactly is Ionized Water?
Ionization simply means to gain or loose an electron.
Water that has been ionized becomes either alkaline or acidic, meaning that the pH has been adjusted up or down. Alkaline water is full of Hydroxyl ions. This is the water we drink that has many Health Benefits as described below. Acidic water is full of Hydrogen ions. This is water that we apply only to the outside of our body. It is also great for plant growth.

How does the Water Ionizer produce ionized water?
Water is run over positive and negative electrodes, which ionizes the water. It is then separated into alkaline and acidic water as it passes through membranes. .It accomplishes this by repelling the water now that it has been "charged" into positive and negative ions.

Why should I drink Ionized Water?
There are three main benefits to Ionized Water.
First and foremost, it is a powerful antioxidant. People spend hundreds of dollar a month purchasing antioxidants because they are anti-diseases, anti-aging, anti-cancer, which they accomplish through neutralizing free radicals. Free Radical damage causes us to age and causes diseases. Since Ionized Water is a liquid antioxidant, it is easily absorbed into the body which makes it much more effective and powerful antioxidant. Once the Ionized Antioxidant in the form of Hydroxyl Ions (oxygen molecule with an extra electron) donates its extra electrons to free radicals (oxygen molecule that is missing one electron) you are left with lots of oxygen. Ionized Water gives you Energy by providing your body with lots of oxygen! This is one of the most incredible aspects of Ionized Water!
Secondly, Ionized Water Balances body pH because it is very alkaline. Our diet is often extremely acidic . Soft drinks, fast foods & processed foods deposit acid waste in our bodies that builds up over time and creates an ideal environment for diseases of all kinds to thrive. Look at any cancer patient for instance and their bodies are invariably acidic to some degree. This is, of course, true even with children. Chronic soft drink consumers such as children put themselves in grave danger by allowing their bodies to build up acid waste. Many end up with various serious diseases already at a very young age, all due to excessive acid and sugar intake.
The human body is Alkaline by design, therefore the pH must be maintained on the Alkaline and Negative side!
Fact: Acidic energy 'degenerates' Life, making the body vulnerable to all manner of diseases, begining with cancer!
An acidic pH means you are operating on reverse polarity, the polarity which attracts all manner of diseases!
Acidic energy and Oxygen deficiency always operate in partnership seeking to decimate Life and Health.
Maintaining an alkaline pH (7.2-7.5) helps us to maintain an environment in our bodies that is NOT conducive to disease. It may take years depending on how acidic your body is, but Ionized Water, because of its alkaline properties, will flush acid waste from our bodies.
Ionized Negative ORP Alkaline Water works best when utilized as a preventative measure,however, if you are ill with any disease it greatly benefits to remain constant in the Alkaline field, simply because all anaerobic diseases thrive in an acidic and oxygen deficient environment. Drink plenty of pH 8.5 water with Negative ORP of 220 - 250mV.
Spirulina and Chlorella supplements are also ideal to detoxify the body, provide nutrients and minerals, and help achieve Alkalinity.
Thirdly, Ionized Water has a different molecular cluster size. It contains only five to six water molecules instead of the ten to thirteen that conventional water molecule clusters have. It has changed from an irregular shape that is 10-13 molecule to a hexagonal regular shape that is half the size. This smaller or "reduced" water is much more hydrating than conventional water. There are two consequences of this. First, Ionized Water is much more hydrating than conventional water and, second, it is extremely detoxifying.
The detoxification properties of Ionized Water are powerful and astounding. They simply can not be ignored. A Water Ionizer has different levels of intensity because the average person cannot start out drinking strongly ionized Water. This is particularly true of the elderly, who need to start out at the lowest level and work their way up slowly. People who have spent a lifetime building up acid waste in their bodies will suffer headaches and diarrhea if they drink too much too soon.

How does Ionized Water taste compared with conventional water?
A common remark regarding the taste of Ionized Water is that it tastes smoother than conventional water. This is because of the molecule cluster size and shape. Since it small and regular shaped, it feels smooth because it is. It also does not fill you up and bloat you the way conventional water can do if you drink a lot of it at once.

How Long does Ionized Water stay Ionized?
The Antioxidant (hydroxyl ions) will last approximately 18-24 hours.
The Higher pH (alkaline properties) will last approximately 1-2 weeks.
The smaller molecule cluster size will last approximately 1-3 months.

Does Ionized Water have any negative effects?
Absolutely none, as long as it is used properly. Only the alkaline water should be consumed. NEVER DRINK THE ACIDIC WATER. We have never seen a single negative effect from Ionized Water, either alkaline or acidic, as long as it is used properly.

Who should drink it?
Anyone and Everyone, young and old, human or animal. It is beneficial to some degree to nearly everyone and everything it comes in contact with.

How should I start drinking it?
Start out slow at level one, drinking 1-3 glasses per day. If the water agrees with you, increase the amount you drink and the level of Ionization intensity. The stronger, the better, but take your time in building up to the higher levels. The antioxidant is most powerful on the high levels. You will of course experience more energy at the higher levels, but the fresher the ionized Water is, the stronger these properties are. The detoxification is STRONG and unmistakable. However, it only lasts a short time.

Can it be used commercially?
Yes, is innumerable ways. In the dairy industry, with Live Stock, healthier, faster growing crops, etc. All this is now being demonstrated, albeit slowly, to these industries. The Alkaline Ionized Water should be fed to the animals. The Acidic Ionized Water will benefit the crops, as well as the livestock in that it will help keep a much lower mortality rates and cleaner environment, keeping in mind the acidic water retards bacteria and bacterial growth. Tests are underway in various industries demonstrating the positive effects of Ionized Water but they are still in their infancy.

How does Ionized Water effect athletes?
In an extremely positive way, as you might expect. Blood oxygen levels will rise varying amounts with regular use of well Ionized Water. This increases stamina, endurance and provides the muscles tissue and organs with high amounts of oxygen which the human body often lacks, even in athletes because inadequate diets. If Professional and Amateur sports were to ever discover this, it would eventually become one of the most established benefits to athletes everywhere. This will happen, as acceptance of Ionized Water will become more and more popular because of the many great benefits obtained from drinking this amazing 'e-water'.

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