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Air Purifiers

Take advantage of Negative ions technology and remove pollutants as small as 0.01 micron. Negative ion the best coverage there is against pollutants.
Air Ionizer HF 210UV Air Purifier

Effective, safe, silent, affordable and no filters to replace! The cost of a good air purification system does not have to be expensive to be effective. Heaven Fresh offers a perf...

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Ionic Air Purifier & Ionizer with Negative Ion Generator HF 200

Ideally designed for regular size rooms, the HF 200 is an incredibly effective air purifier which fills an entire room with health beneficial negative ions. Indoor air contains extremely low quanti...

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Silent Ionic Air Purifier & Air Ionizer HF 100

The HF 100 helps remove airborne pollutants from the air right down to the sub-micron level (less than 0.015 microns). It generates millions of Negative Ions to stimulate natural cleaning process. ...

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Ionic Air Purifier & Freshener w/Night Light HF 20

Ideal air freshener and odour neutralizer for kitchen and small spaces Combine the efficiency of a high quality ionic air purifier, and an efficient long life LED night light with the designer good ...

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